When I discovered google analytics in this course, I was excited to see the demographics of individuals and the interests that they had who would visit my blog. I expected young male adults in their ages between 20 ~ 30 to view my blog. After observing the Google analytics poll, I have noticed that most of the visitors for my blog is male. Due to the fact that my blog is mainly related to gaming reviews, it seems to be understandable that most of the visitors are male. Gaming market tends to focus mostly towards male audience, since their interest in video games are increasing over the years of technological advancement. There are females that are visiting my blog as well, since there are female audiences that do enjoy playing video games. As a developing strategy for my blog, I will have to choose diverse types of video games to review instead of choosing video games that would relatively attract males such as racing games, first person shooting games, or even city building games. To increase the variety of demographic of audiences, I would have to improve on the blog posts where variance of games would exist. 

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