This is a peer review on my classmate Amaan Ahmad’s blog named “Amaans World”. 

Firstly, I will discuss about the design for the blog. I like the overall design for the blog, the colors are in great contrast since the background is white that allows the posts and pictures stand out, which makes it very eye-catching. I personally like the picture that is blended with the title and subtitle of the blog, as well as with the profile picture that is included on the top side that allows visitors to recognize necessary information in one spot without having to navigate the blog. I also like how Amaan located one of the navigation tool on the top of the page, which allows visitors to click on the designated category to search for the interested posts on the blog. It is clearly outlined including home, blogs, process posts, mini assignments, peer reviews, and essay. The only recommendations that I can com up with is that excluding home and blogs categories, it could be included under the main category of “PUB 101” and include assignments, process posts, and essays as a subcategory. The feature that is very convenient is that there is a scroll to top button on the bottom side of the blog, that allows readers to directly go to the top of the blog where categories are located. It is very easy to navigate around the blog without having to scroll all the way up the page after viewing a post. 

I really like how Amaan made a video for the “about me” section, since it allows visitors to identify the theme of the blog and about him more specifically. The video is not too long since it is 1 minute long, I believe that it is short and simple; moreover, it includes self identity factors that allows visitors to understand how Amaan chose the general theme of the blog and how it connects with his identity. The posts on the blog are posted consistently and they include pictures on the front page, which makes it very colorful and eye-catching that makes that blog stand out. 

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