This is a peer review on my classmate Sarah McCarthy’s blog named “Dimsumdyke”. 

Firstly, I will discuss about the design factor of overall blog. I like the fact that the blog has white background which is simplistic and modern. The black color of the letter and the white background color is contrasting, which makes the readers more comfortable reading the posts. I love the graphic feature that is used as a “logo” of the blog, which has an animation feature that attracts readers to visit. It also matches with the theme of the blog, which is queer issues, gender, and sexuality. The font color is very diverse; different font colors were used for different types of indications in the blog, which suits nice and allows readers to find what they are exactly looking for since it stands out. Category is nicely posted on the top of the blog, which allows blog visitors to navigate around the blog. 

I will discuss about the content of the blog and the online self that she created in the blog. The “About Me” section indicates the passion that she has towards Gender, Sexuality, Women’s studies, and sociology; she majors her undergraduate studies within these areas and her main focus of the blog is “queerness”. It specifically states in “About Me” section that while queerness is her main focus, she values intersectionality and looking to employ an intersectional praxis in her portfolios in the blog. She also mentioned about taking an anti-oppressive stance and what the blog showcases in regards to her academic work. This is a great “About Me” section that explains very specifics about the direction that she is taking with the blog. Her process posts and blog posts are consistent, there was one post missing from last week, however, other than that factor I believe the blog is very nicely designed and consistently put to work. 

Visit my classmate’s blog at ““. 

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