This is a peer review on my classmate Bhavika Bhanot’s blog named “Perspective in a Lens”.

First of all, I will discuss about the design aspect of the overall blog. I like how it is very modern designed with white and black colored theme is simple and eye-catching for the viewers of the blog. The black background is simplistic and it makes the words in white easy to read, which it makes for the readers to focus on the material itself. It is a great contrast color, black and white that can be used. I loved the graphic feature when accessing the blog, where you would have to scroll down after viewing a wonderful picture posted at the top that perfectly matches the theme of photography. The font type is very modern and unique, I like how it catches the reader’s eyes. Categories make easier to navigate the sit and I like how they are listed on the top and the side of the website, which makes it user-friendly.

Second of all, I will discuss about the content of the blog and the online self that she created in the blog. I liked how in the “About Me” section, her daily passion is related to taking photographies and how it is transitioned to the major theme of the blog. It clearly describes the identity factor in online “myself”, which provides a grasp towards the readers to focus on the major theme of the blog. She is consistent with the process posts and assignments, since they are categorized under each labelled category and formed in an organized way. Her thoughts are very well explained in the process posts. In other words, she is keeping track of all the necessary assignments required for the course. Overall, she has a great design of the blog and the colors are very nicely contrasted which is easy to read. The only suggestion I would to state is that she does not have any blogs in regards to analyzing photographies, so she just needs to posts them consistently so that there will be more readers that would visit the blog.

Here is a link to Bhavika’s blog:

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