What do you do for living? I am the most secret individual in the world it seems and some of the folks know me as the “Spider Man”, however, I am just a typical guy named Peter Parker and currently work in a news paper company, mainly producing news articles and stuff. My hobby seems to be special for some of you people, since I love to spray webs all around the city and save those who are in need of support. This is becoming a daily routine for me since there is a special something that keeps me alive in this harsh society. A little bit of love and support can change a lot, I have realized this after becoming infected by a malicious spider, believe me or not. 

My objective or main goal is to implement the feeling of kindliness and support for the people, today we are facing some of the major criminal activities around the cities. This is likely to change if someone acts up, and I am the one who is looking to persist this and make it as a continuous momentum. Like it or not, support me fellows! Leave me some tips if you loved my support, not to mention. 

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