Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, known has CIV 6 is a strategical civilization game where players would have to expand the lands of their country and enrich the lives of their citizens by providing luxury items through engaging in trading resources with other leaders around the globe. This game provides unique experience for gamers, putting them into the perspectives of historical world leaders from various countries and enjoy the history of human civilization and scientific inventions. As a leader of a civilization, the gamer’s role is to expand the territories of its land through producing settlers. Settlers are the basic unit of CIV 6, which allows a gamer to build a city within an empty map, where resources are desirable. There are various resources and goods that gamers will need to collect, which are shown as a little icon of each tile of the map. There are total of 4 victories that you could choose, which includes scientific, cultural, dominative, and cooperative. Scientific victory is given to a player who reaches the maximum level of technology within the game, which includes sending a rocket to the space. The rocket requires gamers to collect various resources from the lands, which will take significant amount of time. Cultural victory involves a gamer to achieve certain level of their cultural influences around the other leaders. Gamers aiming for cultural victory would have to spend their resources towards building monuments and landmarks within their country. For domination victory, a user would have to conquer all the land through going on a war with other countries. Lastly, cooperative victory is acquired when a user reaches a maximum level in trading. I would have to recommend this game to gamers who enjoy playing strategical game, since this game requires individuals to fully adapt to various strategies that will allow them to win the game. 

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