Project Cars 3 is a simulation mixed with casual racing games, which provides gamers to experience the most recent vehicles made by famous super-car automobile brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz. Moreover, the game provides street-illegal vehicles that are only track-ridable, that could reach up to speeds of 300km/h. There are famous racing tracks that gamers can race other players participating in various real-time cup competitions to time attack events. This game can reach the full potential if you have a gaming wheel at home, since it provides live force feedback to your wheel where you can feel the grip of the tires. The graphics of the game is astonishing; it provides accurate shadow and reflection of the vehicle with high quality model of the environment makes the game more enjoyable. Moreover, there are various vehicle models from 2020, where you can experience to drive newest cars on market. This game does not require a professional driving skill, there are various difficulty levels that a player can set the game to; there are variety of settings in the game that a player can choose including gear shifting mods, ABS controls, and traction controls. I would have to recommend this game to those gamers who enjoy simulation racing games and casual racing games, since it contains the aspect of both. There are features such as realistic pit stops that allow users to experience the real racing world, where it does not reflect too heavily on the real-life physics in regards to the driving experience. 

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