Player’s Unknown Battleground known as the PUGB, is a famous online player battle royal themed game, where players would have to fight to survive until the end of the session. There are total of 4 maps in the game, which shares a different map theme including jungle, frozen land, desert, and prairie. Total of 100 players will play in one map of the game for each session; players would have to farm and collect various weapons and weapon parts that will increase the chance of surviving within the map. The weapons include automatic firearms to melee weapons; players will have the option to upgrade each weapon by searching for parts around the map within buildings and houses. PUGB is a mixture of first person shooting game and battle royal, which requires a skill from players to come up with effective strategies to reach the finals of the game. There are obstacles such as trees, rocks, and randomized building structures where players can use to strategically fight each other, that adds up the fun to the game. I would have to recommend this game to players who enjoy playing FPS shooting games. Similar game that I can compare to the PUGB would be Fornite, which is another battle royal game that is widely known around the world. 

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