Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, known as FS2020 is a simulator game that provides unique flying experience for gamers to be in a position of a pilot. FS2020 provides a new technology of within the gaming world called “ray-tracing”, a technology that allows developers to copy the exact footage of real-time world map and applying within the game. FS2020 provides real-time Earth, where gamers can choose a desirable plane ranging from small farm planes to commercial jet-planes to fly around the globe. Gamers are able to select and make a flight plan that is extremely detailed, which you can choose each components including takeoff and landing operations. FS2020 can be challenging if you are new to flight simulation, since it requires gamers to acknowledge different aspects of the aircraft to operate in a safely manner. The interesting part of this game is that gamers can learn knowledge as becoming a pilot, since this is a simulation game where gamers would have to know how to operate the real-life aircraft to enjoy the horizons of the world. I would have to recommend gamers who enjoy real-life simulation games and aircraft games, since this is a newest simulation project that Microsoft released that contains modern gaming technologies that players can experience. 

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