League of legends is a MOBA game where players would choose positions between bottom, top, jungle, and mid. These positions share difference factor and aspects to the game, proposes different abilities and skills for the players to enjoy. For example, mid positioned champions are magic damaged and usually the bottom positioned players would play attack damage champions. League of legends is a became very famous when Riot Games, decided to expand their servers to different regions of the world including North America, Asia, South America and Europe. It is widely known that League of Legends can be played among various ages, since it provides variety of unique champions that would contain different skills with eye catching skills. I would recommend gamers to enter the game of League of Legends if they enjoy playing MOBA game such as World of Warcraft. Moreover, League of Legends is a competitive game where players would fight for ranked ladder. If you are a competitive gamer who would like to reach the top of the ladder, I would highly recommend this game to show off the skills.

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