Forza Horizon 4 is a game that proposes a simulation racing and casual racing altogether within its game. There are 300+ vehicles that players could experience with over +50 car brand makers that are currently out in the real market. Also, the new Forza Horizon features 4 seasons including spring, summer, fall, and winter; the graphics would enhance the aspects of a particular season and would likely show a weather that fits for its weather. For example, you are going to enjoy through the breeze of London in the weather of Fall with the leafs on the roads that you would pass by. It also features “Forzathon” challenges, where players can complete various challenges around the map of England and enjoy racing with other competitive players. Moreover, players could enjoy events such as “barn finds” that allows them to search around the map and go through several old barns that are located; barns usually contain valuable old class cars that they can restore. I recommend gamers who enjoy to play racing games or simulator games, since Forza Horizon contains all of the aspects to it. Competitive users will enjoy as this game provides multiplayer among users around the globe, where you can challenge yourself towards the top of the Forzathon ladder. 

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