Football Manager 2021 is a football simulator game, where you are becoming a virtual manger of existing football club around the world. There are over +500 real football clubs with various leagues from different world including the famous England Premier league, Germany’s Bundesliga league, and Italian Serie league. As a manger of a football club, the gamer has a choice of managing all aspects of the club; transfers of famous football players and employing football coaches that will ultimately increase the skills for players. There is a feature that allows the allocation of financial budget for the football club that requires players to carefully choose decisions of signing a contract with an expensive player; however, the chance of winning the game is going to be higher. Football Manager 2021 offers you to watch a simulation of a football game in a perspective of a manager. You can include tactics and plans that will have effect in the play style of your football club that will ultimately increase the fame level for every game you win throughout the season. I would have to recommend this game to gamers who would enjoy playing tactical game, since it requires you to come up with various plans and strategies that will determine the success within football matches. There is no right or wrong strategies in this game, which is very interesting in regards to the creativity that managers can come up with. 

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