Fall Guys is another cartoony video game that I am about to introduce; Fall Guys is available on platform “Steam” that connects gamers online from all around the globe. Fall Guys is a game that players would have to go through total of 5 stages of mini-games, in a “bean-suit”. The cute characters in this game attract most of the players to play; moreover, numerous mini-games that exist within the game would not make players feel bored at all.  You will go through 5 sets of mini game states with 99 players. Every stage, players are going to be eliminated and the ultimate goal is to survive until the last mini game and achieve the crown as a final victorious player. To describe and give few examples in regards to the mini-games, there are single and teamed matches, where players are going to fight for each victory that mini game instructs players to achieve. For example, there is a mini game where you would have to take flags that would appear in the map as a team; the ultimate goal is to collect the most flags and steal from another team if it is necessary. There are various obstacles and players would have to avoid by controlling their character, which is consisted of three different moves: jump, run, and on the ground action. Due to the easy mechanics and difficulty of the game, this game is approachable for all ages. I would have to recommend this game to those who enjoy Nintendo games such as games that have the mixture of mini games with cartoony finish. It allows players to cooperate and achieve a certain goal, which creates a competitive nature. 

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