Eternal Return: Black Survival is a steam powered game that only operates on the gaming distribution web services called “steam”. This is a online-game where total of 18 players are stranded in an island called “Lumia Island”; the main purpose of the game is to achieve survival as a last player on the island. There are total of 17 characters that you can choose, which includes special skills that prioritizes the categories of ability damage, attack damage, melee, range, and tanker. These abilities are effect the skill system that a champion would consist of and the player would have to search for items by going around the Island, clicking on the clickable plops such as boxes, cars, and killing monsters. Before starting the actual match with other players online, you are going to be able to set up a strategical plan for the route that you can take in Lumia Island. There are total of 9 zones in Lunia Island and each zones would have designated items that players could search for. It is important for a player to choose their route wisely, since the zones will turn in to red every 3 minutes randomly. If you stay within the red zone over 30 seconds, you will die and fail to survive. There are various gaming themes that come into play that includes MOBA, survival, and RPG. Due to this mixture, it is a very interesting game that a player can experience all three themes at once. I would have to recommend this game to gamers that enjoy playing “League of Legends” and “PUGB”, which I have previously reviewed. By playing the “Eternal Return: Black Survival”, it feels like two games harmoniously join into one. It is currently free on “Steam” platform, so go and enjoy the game!

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