Cities Skylines is a game where players could show off the creativity on their own to create a township and become a mayor of a city of their own. There are three main districts that players can input into the city: residential, industrial, and commercial zones. These three zones will be the main factors that the player needs to focus on creating a city with effective and efficient roads that would connect each zones together. The uses of highways are crucial in this game, since traffic acts like “real-life”, where citizens will move around in vehicles. Creativity is one of the main aspect of this game since it allows players to build and locate the desirable buildings and landmarks within the map that is going to attract residents to move into the city. The ultimate goal of this game is to enlarge the city into a size of a metropolitan, where you would have to meet an achievement of reaching 100k citizens within your city. I would recommend gamers who enjoy playing sandbox gaming and city building games, since this game contains both aspects altogether. 

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