Assetto Corsa is a simulator racing game where it is enriched with features that provide gamers real life racing experience in +10 different countries with famous race tracks such as “Nurburgring” in Germany. The game includes various types and classes of vehicles including F-1 racing machines, road vehicles, supercars to hypercars. The most interesting aspect of this racing game is that the user can fully mod the game; players can include new cars that they can install through virtual racing community sites. Moreover, players can modify the time and the weather of the map to experience various racing environments. Assetto Corsa usually requires players to purchase a gaming wheel, that will intensify the feelings of real racing. The force feedback that will generate on the gaming wheel sends direct vibration towards gamers’ hands, that will allow users to deeply connect with the racing machine in the screen. Assetto Corsa’s multiplayer feature allows users to connect within various maps created by users from the gaming community. There are several gaming features that Assetto Corsa provides including time-attack, real-time racing, and head-to-head. If you enjoy playing racing simulator game, I would have to highly recommend to download Assetto Corsa. 

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