Among Us is a cartoony game that has been released on the platform “Steam” and created a viral gaming video scenes in Youtube and Twitch. Famous game streamers would play “Among Us” together, which attracted numerous viewers to watch the stream. Not because only the reason that these streamers are famous, the game “Among Us” was simply interesting enough to attract gamers to watch streamers playing the game online. Among Us is a online game that supports up to10 players that are joined in a cartoony international space station that consists of total of 8 zones. These zones have different missions that would have to be completed by the crew-mates. Most of the members among 10 players are going to be designated as a crew-mate and they will have to survive among few imposters that are going to be placed within the map. The game does not show the roles of the players so crew-mates would have to use their senses and reveal the imposters. Imposters can go around the map and kill crew-mates secretly to hide their identity within the international space station. In the game, there is a voting system that allows the players to chat and discuss who would be the imposter; if they conclude to pinpoint at a player that they think is going to be the imposter, the imposter is going to be kicked out of the game. Among Us is a strategical game that allows players to democratically vote and discuss, which allows cooperation and teamwork from both sides including imposters and crew-mates. I recommend this game to gamers who enjoy playing calm and classic cartoony themed game; moreover, those who enjoy playing in a form of team, rathe having to act individually. 

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